Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Calendars and Cards

2005 Calendar

Fruits and seeds ~the point of arrival,
of a generation of trees and plants,
And the turning~ point of life ahead.
A summing up of lush memories and luscious dreams,
of sprigs, fronds and flowers.
Of sweetness and scent: all packed in a tiny globe,
ready to die and to rise, sprout into life and glory.

And you, my trader brother,
know what marvelous mystery
you are dealing in?

History is not all dark,
Nor is life wholly sour.
The rose is not all thorns and pricks.
Go for the light of every situation.
Mould out the sweetness,
the grace and the meaning
of every event and experience
and let go the rest.

(Writings by Samuel Rayan)


2008 Calendar

2008 Calendar

2012 Calendar



Shirley Alex said...

Finally!!! all of your work together for the whole world to see. Hope your fame spreads far and wide. The dolls are the reality of more than 60 percent of india ... we only have to open our spritual eyes to see. hope many people get to see them , stop and listen to them... and make the difference.

Hasmita said...

Your work is beautiful, Francoise! Is there some way to order calendars for 2014 online?

Best wishes and regards,