Bangalore; Alliance Francaise, November 2000

Delhi; India Habitat Center, April 2001

Delhi; American Embassy School, April 2002

Mumbai; Sophia College, January 2003

Kolkata; Fine Art Galery, August 2003

Bangalore; Chitra Kala Parishad, December 2004

Belgaum; KLE Society’s Primary School, April 2005

Ahmedabad; Darpana, November 2005

Inspired by the dolls, the Darpana team created a dalit story in Gujurati language to be acted out with puppets -similar to the dolls- they made.  The puppet play was enacted at regular intervals during the exhibitions in Ahmedabad and Vadodara.  This helped visitors – children, students and others -  to understand better the concept behind the creation of dolls.

Seen here, with Mallika Sarabhai, are children belonging to an organisation that fulfilled the last wishes of dying children. These children are afflicted with various fatal illnesses such as Leukemia, HIV, Cancer etc.

Vadodara; Accademy of Fine Arts, November 2005

Trivandrum; YMCA, October 2006

Padanthalamoodu, Matriculation Higher Secondary School, October 2006 

Bangalore NBCLC; Nov 2006, February 2007, September 2007

Guwahati, Christ Church Hall, October 2007

Shillong, St Antony College, October 2007

Trichur; Kerala; Kristolsav, October 2008

Bangalore Shanti Sadhana - 2009

 Delhi Vidyajyoti - 2009

Ahmedabad; SJ Loyola College, September 2009

Bellary: Dharmadaya Seva Ashram  January 2010

Visthar, Bangalore, November 2010 to April 2011

Visthar, Bangalore, May 2011

Penciljammers visit Visthar, April 2011

Below are seen a group of artists and designers, both amateur and professional, who are part of a group called Pencil Jam ( www.penciljammers.com ). They visited the exhibition at Visthar, and were inspired to sketch, draw and paint the dolls on display. All of them were touched by the sheer beauty, artistry and intricate details of the dolls and the poignant stories that each doll visually narrated. The Penciljammers, being visual artists themselves, could really appreciate and relate to the visual storytelling techniques of these sacred dolls.

ITA, Bangalore - May 2011

Indian Theology Association, Jalandhar, October, 2012

Indian Women Theology Forum (IWTF), Mumbai - Oct 2012

St. John's Medical College, History of Medicine Museum - November 2012

Indian Women Theology Forum (IWTF), May 2013

St Joseph's College of Arts, Bangalore - August 2013

Bandhavi, Koppal, September, 2013

Exhibitions in Visthar, September-October, 2013

1, Shanti Road, Bangalore - 13-16 October, 2013

Koppal Citizens Forum, Dec 2013

St. John's Medical College, Bangalore - 4th and 5th April, 2014

Visthar Bhoomi Habba June 2014

St John’s Research institute April 2014

Azim Premiji University Students at Visthar Bangalore; Oct 2014

Gender, Sexuality, Religion at Visthar, Bangalore; Oct 2014

5th National Bio-ethics Conference, Bangalore Dec 2014 at St John’s Research Institute

Gender, Disability and integral development; Jan 2015

Fireflies, dialogue and humanity Feb 2015

NBCLC Teachers Training programme on Global Warming for teachers May 2015

Bhoomi Habba at Visthar, Bangalore, 2015 June

St Joseph's College on Gender and social transformation, Bangalore, July 2015

MDR TB training programme at UTC Bangalore, July 2015

Sri Lankan teachers training at Visthar, Bangalore; August 2015 

Crea Convention, Chitradurga Oct 2015

Babuij College, Chitradurga Oct 2015

Bandhavi Koppal: VCC students and schools, Dec 2015

Riad Foundation on Art and Education, Jan 2016

Jain University, Bangalore Jan 2016

ITA, Montfort Spirituality Center, Bangalore; April 2016

WTF, Montfort Spirituality Center, Bangalore April 2016

Ecology and Catechetics; NBCLC, Bangalore; May 2016

Bhoomi Habba at Visthar, Bangalore, 2016 June

Seminarians at Visthar, Oct 2016

Theatre for Social Transformation at Visthar, Nov 2016

Rajasthan Teachers at Visthar, Jan 2017

Bangalore International School at Visthar, Feb 2017

Manipal University, Woman Centre for Philosophy and Humanity, March 2017

Bhoomi Habba (Earth Festival) at Visthar, June 2017

Bhoomi Habba is held at the green Eco Sanctuary at our campus, and the objective of this edition of the Habba is to increase public awareness of the environmental crises faced by our city and showcase inclusive and sustainable alternatives. 

Bhoomi Habba is a  day-long celebration filled with environment campaigns and workshops, exhibitions and shows, art workshops, theatre presentations, folk music, traditional food festival  and many more.  The  Habba promotes exhibition and sale of eco-friendly crafts, organic farm produce and traditional and millet foods from all over the country. The film festival screens documentaries and films focusing on ‘sustainable cities and communities’. It also features workshops on recycling, upcycling, iconic doll exhibition, cartooning, warli, pottery, dream catcher making, theatre and storytelling for children. Schools and parents are urged to bring children to enable them to discover the beauty of nature within the nurturing space of the Visthar Eco Sanctuary.




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