From the Visitors guest books.



Ela Gandhi, grand-daughter of Mahatma Gandhi

Alliance Francaise, Bangalore; November 2000
- Dearest Francoise, you hold India in the palm of your hands and in your heart.
When I first saw your dolls I gasped in astonishment at your ability to see so much beauty and pain in the same moment. This dual reality identifies INDIA and leaves one without words………One of the many functions of art, apart from holding up a mirror is to touch the individual in his/her heart, leaving one to ponder, to reflect and to look again. You see life with your heart and I am sure you will lead many to look again at themselves, at the universe, at INDIA….whatever that means, with the help of the exhibition and of the book “The Dolls Speak”.
- We could see rural India in just a minute.
- What a wonderful way to get the messages across.
- So inspiring that one wants to go out and do as much good as possible to as many people as possible.
- My deep appreciation for the effort taken in bringing the truth and reality around us. Each doll says many words in silence.
- Absolutely wonderful! “Truly a labour of love”.
- It’s a fabulous exhibition and very rightly said that dolls do speak.
- Kudos! Your creations. They are alive in a way. They are touching our hearts, kindling our thoughts, waking us from our slumber –called modern age-. We should attend a little more than just sighing!
- Fabulous. Worth watching again and again.
- Excellent handwork utilized very effectively to portray in an aesthetic way
the burning issues in the society today.
- A labour of love. Very heartwarming.
- The human touch of the author with the Divine inspiration has bleated the pain, the joy and agony of humanity.
- Very informative, inspiring, amazing. Words loose meaning. The dolls certainly speak more through their silence than words.
- Just superb. Could be exhibited in schools, colleges and professional colleges.
- You have depicted real life situations and made people think a lot.
Our gratitude for your great contribution.
- Being an artist myself, your amazing work and your deep (-er than our’s) insight into Indian heritage or culture have left me dumbfounded and humbled!

India Habitat CenterVisual Art GalleryDelhi; September 2001

-.Touching and extraordinarily beautiful because of its simplicity of expression.
- Amazing expression of the Indian mosaic through the eyes of a foreigner. It shakes us into self-realization; scenes and events we turn a blind eye to.
- Dolls really speak! Thanks for showing us ‘silence’ which speaks!
- Probably the most wonderful mind awakening work I came across.
- So many aspects of life studied in depth and revealed to young minds, which are so often overlooked.
- It was like talking with them, sharing their problems and happiness with them. It was a great experience. Please, encourage more.
- The dolls speak for the whole Indian society and are an eye opener for those who have a generous and kind heart.
- It’s the creator plain dedication.
- Fantastic! When I read about it, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like. When I saw them –your dolls- I was spellbound. They are just beautiful and they do speak. What a lovely way of documenting our lives and times.
- It was very nice for our kids to learn about village life and their culture.
- Totally awesome and inspiring. How much of life around us do we notice on a day to day basis?

American Embassy SchoolDelhi, April 2002

- Very unusual way. Yes, you can hear dolls speak and tell us so many things, not only beautiful but also sad things and full of meaning. You have the themes covering the tales of today.
- This was a rare opportunity, a real eye opener for the students.
- It touched my heart; brought tears to my eyes and smiles to my lips.
- A wonderful way to enlighten and bring the human spirit together.
- Creative and thought evoking. What an eloquent way of giving a voice to those who are usually silenced.
- Powerful. Thank you for coming to our school. A treasure for our students.
- Something special, something else.
- This exhibition was amazing. It shows how women are treated in villages. And if more people come and see this, I think they will do something about it.
- Thank you for sharing your work, the dolls. Your passion and art are a wonderful gift you share.
- The dolls are beautiful in look and in message. They are silent speakers. I am impressed by the artist’s deep yet simple understanding of India’s complex social life.
The students and children express:
- How do you make the dolls?
- The intricacy and detail of the work was so fascinating, and the dolls are a perfect impression of life in India.
- Good actions and positions. Really good, sad but true. I love your art, it is intriguing and so detailed.
- I love your dolls and they are great.
- I like the dolls with the pistol and rifle.
- I really like your dolls especially the doll that is sewing.
- I liked all the dolls. But I really liked the one where the lady is washing the clothes.
- It’s really beautiful, and what efforts one can think of behind such an exhibition.

Sophia College, Mumbai; January 2003

- Excellent exhibition that captures different faces of Women’s life. It touches the heart.
- Wake-up, O Women.
- The dolls certainly speak to us in so many diverse ways the language that speaks to our women’s heart.
- Such exquisite attention to details. You have captured the culture of India in your dolls. Not just the visible  but also the hidden brought out in the text.
- Very inspiring and thought provoking. It gives a personal dimension to all the problems of society at large. I was trilled to witness this miracle.
- The dolls made me smile, cry, cringe. They definitely speak.
- Very very inspiring and a true picture in such a small space and time.
- It’s very good, it’s a true picture of life without any words.
- Every detail is presented in a miniature form. It’s fabulous.
- I would like to say: the dolls speak. A wonderful job.
- I would like to say that it really looks superb. The dolls depicted really resemble to our society today.
- Though the dolls don’t speak, they depict a lot. The faceless dolls express more than words. It is wonderful.
- Dolls though they have no face, they speak through their body.
- I could say many words to explain what is the work but I think ‘beautiful’ and ‘creative’ sums it up very well.
- If you look closely, you’d notice just like me, there are so many people out there in the world who need a helping hand from you and me.
- Every doll in this exhibition has a story to tell and it is expressed very well with every minute details.
- It is very close to life and an exquisite piece of art which should be encouraged.
- It touched the feelings of my heart knowing that our sisters and brothers are in trouble. Really amazing.
Amazing. So many new areas of life which were unknown to me before can be seen.
- Francoise, you have got a broad imagination. Mind blowing. Please do have another exhibition in Mumbai.
- There is so much of life in all of them that they do not look inanimate.
- Truly, God lives in the details. Thank you.
- Inspired and inspiring! Thank you for your gift.
- It was a pleasure to be here.
- Very touching, extremely creative and perfect in miniature.
- It was beautiful, a bliss for the eye.
- Unimaginable until seen. Very creative and inspiring!
- I think it is amazing. What I liked most are the dolls without features. It stirred something within my heart.
- It was a wonderful experience. Talking to Francoise left an incredible impression.
- It is a tribute to creativity.
- I always thought: ‘actions speak louder than words’. After viewing the speaking dolls, I feel: ‘actions speak louder than expressions also’. Totally amazing.
- Miniscule details, scrutinizing observation, art that evokes admiration.
- Amazing; it gives a new meaning to the word ‘dolls’.
- It’s amazing! Actually no words to express the right feeling. Keep it up.
- Hats of to the creator of a wonderful world of Dolls.
- It is amazing and wonderful to know that lifeless dolls can speak.
- I feel the dolls speak more than a human. They express much more and they managed to tell me a lot about life.
- Nice exhibition. Please extend the days.
- Lets change the world.
- Pity, they are not for sale. I wanted to present one of the dolls –the doll with the harp- to my music teacher.
- Can’t find the words. It is beyond expression. Still in few words: “Too good. That’s a doll media communication’.
These dolls are really talking to us. They have touched our hearts. It was a wonderful experience. Thank God we didn’t miss it.
- Thank you for making me see things in another perspective.
- Amazing. I am very glad to have this opportunity to see such a beautiful and creative collection of dolls representing facts and Indian culture.
- Excellent work. Volumes conveyed through images.
- Francoise, your dolls truly speak. What creativity, what details. This has come
from an evolved soul. Your work has touched me.
- The dolls depict the emotions of every women. The faceless dolls are so effective in the tales they tell.
- They are faceless, but they have a hidden expression. Your creativity is great and amazing.
- The themes put forward are really touching and moving. They depict what the real world is like in this part of it.
- The exhibition is really brilliant and everything is very artistically made. The poems are brilliant too.
- Very exciting and innovative. The emotions are touched excellently. You could put up small poems, dolls pictures, posters for sale too.
- What touched me the most is the ‘Model Doll’. It is true that we want others to imitate the model. So we kill our creativity.
- Very impressive pictures of art. The body postures express in detail the emotions and the sensitivity of the artist. The content and the form make a deep impact.
- The dolls portray real human feelings which really touched my heart.
- A whole new world. An experience never attempted before.
- Great insight; very profound; spellbinding.
- The details of your dolls are outstanding. But the real point of the whole thing is that these speechless dolls awaken sympathy, feelings and remorse. Really it did touch me. The true stories are very sad.
- These dolls really do speak. They are absolutely amazing. A great art and creativity backed by a wonderful inspiration. I would definitely see more of them in future. Bravo.
- Your observation is just out of this world. It is true when people say outsiders notice more than the people living actually in that place. I think these dolls teach us more than we actually knew.
- The dolls tell a story. One that can be heard and seen only with the heart.
- Your depiction of Indian reality came alive; your need for details is as clear. I would have liked the poems to be near the dolls, not apart. I could not do justice to the doll. I hope the publication will help me to do so.
- Your work has left us with a sense of deep appreciation for what human creativity can achieve.
- A realistic and sensitive portrayal of how the ‘Other Half’ in India lives and dies! I have read your book when it was published two years ago. I find it an excellent publication. Keep it up.
- The entire presentation was very wonderful and created a lot of awareness. I wish I too could help the poor and oppressed. Thanks for bringing it out for us.
- Leaves us speechless! A true and simple reflection on life.
- It is an excellent exhibition for adults as well as for children.
- Each doll is very alive and definitely leaves a lasting impression on one’s mind.
- Which is more powerful? The dolls? The narratives? I can’t make up my mind. Both are mind-blowing. Thank you.
Expressions used in the visitors book:
Simply amazing, simply wonderful, very unique, very well represented, very well reproduced, very well done, very well depicted, very beautiful, very creative, very nice and pretty, magnificent, the best, spellbinding, remarkable, incredible, overwhelming, absolutely outstanding, mind blowing, truly enlightening, impressive, brilliant, unbelievable, no words to express, no words to describe, beyond words, a great joy, truly a source of inspiration, a wonderful experience, fantastic, revealing, perceptive, excellent, realistic, touching, great, original, cute, damn neat.

La Case de la Moneda, Potosi, Bolivia; October 2004

- A work showing different social situations now exhibited in Bolivia
- Wonderful artistic demonstration showing us the hard reality of life in India and in the whole world. May the Lord bless this work and may the love and tenderness of the Father fill the hearts of our brethren in India and of the poor of the whole world.
- Really beautiful for the message it conveys. An art showing reality.
- Wonderful work, expressing human activity and Indian reality.
- May God bless us and teach us to love one another.
- I liked most the reality of war shown.
- I was surprised at the detailed work that led me to India.
- This technique expresses all the experiences lived by people. Congratulation also to all collaborators.
- Very original collection. Congratulations to the organizers and let it not be the last time.
- The exhibition is very good because it shows us the reality. Children will be impressed by it. We need works like this in Potosi.
- The dolls show us how real is the reality. This is how is life.
- I realize that with creativity a person can show what she lives and what other people live and experience. And this can be shown to people of different cultures and languages. Thank you for showing us the reality of life of men and of women.
- For us Quechuas, it is very difficult to feel beautiful things. In general we are hard….it is said ‘Bronce Race’. But there are some things that mark us and the dolls are one of them. The presence of the Belgian sister is very meaningful. We hope that what we have seen will help us to become more human in this world everyday becoming more egocentric.
- It is an art that expresses the social situation in India. Let us hope that our women will also write poems.
- I was impressed by the way of life in India. Our country faces almost the same situations. I congratulate your for having the ability to show the difficulties of life through the dolls.
- Francoise, your work is very valuable. Thanks for your life and dedication to others. Only God will reward you. He gives you wisdom. I keep you in my heart with a beautiful remembrance.
- It is a show case of the reality in this world. I wish we could join our forces so that the  dolls could give us greater joy some day. Thanks for coming and sharing these experiences.
- This work shows the co-indianity of our lives. They are expressions of our daily living.
- The message is in the heart and in the eyes of the one who contemplates the dolls.
- Congratulations, you are very creative and your capacity to create is very good because in your work you show love and lot of dedication. With love.
- It is very inspiring to find our spirituality in daily experiences of life. The sad side of if the injustice of war.
- Your work is very inspiring for the youth. It’s a work of great quality, patience and creativity.
- A very good work and new to me. Through your work you reach the depth of the person and make us value more our own life and whatever we have. Yes the dolls can talk.
- Each doll show the reality. Go ahead because your dolls talk with love.
- It is the work of a genius.
-  It’s a reflection of life in India but also of our own life. It reflects the experience of people and their culture. Congrats to the organizers.
- The dolls makes us realize the sufferings and poverty of the world.
It made a deep impact on me.
- Very expressive dolls inspite of having no face. The dolls show the reality of life. We are toys in the world.
- You have a great imagination and desire to bring out a clear message. The dolls make me think.
- You are a dreamer and allow your head to fly. Go ahead.
- You are an artist that knows how to express the life of people with their pains and their hopes, especially of women. The dolls are full of life. Thanks for putting your gift at the service of the most needed.
- When the dolls speak, our feeling come up.
- In life everything speaks by itself.
- Thanks for everything you taught us through your work.
- Congratulation for your work and the time you dedicated to 29 children.
- A message of humanity worth to be presented in the city. The creation could be done on Bolivian life.
- Like silent flowers that say and give all without sound.
- Good work that shows the many injustices and discriminations.
- This is human reality translated into dolls. It gives us joy.
- Two beautiful unforgettable days in my heart.
- We have our eyes closed. Poverty is very hard. Thanks for showing us a reality through your art, that is far from our eyes.
- A work that questions us. The patience and love by which you try to express the life of Hindus is something not known in this part of the world. Thanks for coming here.
- Very beautiful and very sad. In India, like in BrazilBolivia and Latin America, the situation is the same.
- It is so beautiful. Through your hands the details of life come alive. Your hands transmit so much life, so much tenderness.
- Life is the same, some are up, others are down, some with, others without.
Your work encourages us to become aware of our reality. We are invited to educate and to act in order to overcome a destiny imposed on us.
- We must try to change the world.
- God and the Holy Spirit are inspiring you. Go ahead.
- What has inspired your great feeling of love for the world?
- We could appreciate the Indian culture through your dolls. I wish you could teach us because every doll teach us many things. This is what Bolivia needs.
- This is not only an exhibition. The dolls do not talk but they say so many things that we do not want to see and remember.
- It is an artistic work with lot of communication and interaction.
- The dolls express daily life. They tell everyone that art is the most beautiful thing we need to cultivate.
- It motivates us to revalue the values that we are loosing.
- We can see the hard life of women in this male dominated society.
- I am an art loving person and I wish you success.
- A big thank you for so much beauty, for so much harmony, for so much work and surely for so much love….
- Your great creativity shows us different situations of reality. Not only poverty but above all hope and joy.
- The dolls art is really impressive. The quality and perfection are fantastic.
- There is a lot of realism in your art. The limit is the sky.
- I wish I could do the same work with images in Potosi.
- I would like to know more about the person who did this art. I wish to know why she did something that expresses a culture so similar to ours. Thanks.
- My name is Ana. I like what you are doing. You have seen and lived many things. How beautiful would be the world if it were full of persons with tenderness and warmth. Do you believe this?
- What I liked most is the woman feeding here baby. How I would have wished my mother to hold me that way.

Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore; December 2004

- It’s a moving poetry with all the emotions coming to the fore.
- A good combination of craft and social relevance.
- Art for art sake, art for humanity sake. Look at it from either. These are wonderful. It was a fulfilling experience.
- Marvelous. It deeply reflects the ground realities. The reality speaks. Kudos to you!
- The proportion and the natural posture of the dolls are very true to life. The art is great and must be passed on to younger generations too. Congratulations.
- A good combination of craft and social relevance.
- All the puppets are outstanding and the imagination is out of reach of common human beings like us.
- Very sensitive portrayals of the ‘real’ India. The dolls really speak and that is wonderful.
- God is in the details.
- It’s a moving poetry with all the emotions coming to the fore.
- I can only say ‘The Lord does marvels’ through Francoise.
- I never knew that dolls could express so powerfully human pain, toil and feelings.
- Through creating, you also re-create not just LIFE but HOPE, JOY, LOVE. Your work is a movement of LOVE. May you never stop loving….in your journey of ‘seeing’.
- You make this tiny things speak great volumes. It is something so great that one could get immensely lost and in great wonder at the depth you have gone through in making these creatures out of your imagination and reality. I greatly and simply loved it.
- Excellent work. It reflects a lot of qualities, dedication and observation. The gestures are neatly reflected. A suggestion: along with all the publication if you could keep posters and some items like bookmarks, these will be good pointers. I promised and I came back with my family and enjoyed it again.
- Exquisite and heart wrenching.
- Searching for words. More than all the good words put together, I will come back to enjoy.
- Superb, a labour of love.
You did a nice work on globalization.
- Fantastic, excellent and a rare talented good work.
- The dolls make one remember it’s childhood. The work makes a point on important issues. The medium is very refreshing to the mind.
-  It shows what is going on around the world. It is really great to see such beautiful artworks.
Beautiful work. Unbelievable. Excellent exhibition.
- Every set tells a story! An enlightening experience.
- Very beautiful experience to watch. Unbelievable. I hope you get the recognition you truly deserve.
- So much of details and reality.  Very inspiring. I have never seen something so good.
- It seems you have truly imbibed the Indian spirit in you. Without high level of sensitivity and hard work its not possible. Amazing. My sincere most wishes for you and your work. Great! Superb! No words!
- Your dolls really speak. I don’t’ find any English word to express my appreciation to your work. Thank you for your contribution to the field of doll making.
- I wish that in future you spread this talent all over the world.
- You have a great creativity. The dolls are beautiful. They speak many languages to the world. They speak about the reality of this world. I also came to know many things after having a look at the dolls. You have great observation and patience.
- Very inspiring. Static but full of life and meaning. Very simple but conveying a lot that touches the heart.
- Wonderful! What an artistic way of depicting the ‘TRUE’ India now after 50 years of independence.
- Your work express wonder and value.
- You have done marvelous dolls which have really spoken many messages. You are wonderful and hardworking.
- Highly imaginative and extremely meticulous.
- Something extraordinary. There is so much captivation misery, happiness, faith and humanness expressed.
- Fantastic work of art, very creative and extraordinary. I hope to see something like this in the days to come.
- The work is unique and excellent, beyond words to speak.
- Very meaningful and touching. Another display of women’s strength in the universe.
- Absolutely incredible!!!!
- Amazing! I am dumbstruck!
- Truly, every piece is a masterpiece and a treat to look at.
- Body language and expressions in all truth. The dolls are telling more than living persons.
- Excellent work. I enjoy every bit of it.
- It’s the finest exhibition ever seen.
- The exhibits depict a question: ‘Could we think of a world without women’?
- A show like this makes a man think and hopefully act.
- Excellent, marvelous, very touching, depicting the stark realities of village life.
- It’s impressive because it reflects the social and religious life of the people.
- Brilliant to say the least. The proportions, colors, themes, setting… everything is a treat to watch.
- Excellent. I would like to undergo a training. We should keep in touch.
- This is a lovely collection of Indian tradition and culture. Hope you people have another exhibition where the product will be on sale. We love to buy.
- Super work. Good way of communicating messages. Keep it up.
- I don’t think that anyone who has visited the exhibition will forget the dolls, the scenes and the feelings which they communicate.
- It’s a real creative work. Excellent, great, too good and a wonderful experience.
- An extremely artistic presentation of Indian archaic society mostly presenting folks belonging to under strata about whom Gandhi thought to uplift. His dream probably failed.
- Extremely creative. Beautiful, imaginative, artistic piece, exceptionally well thought, designed and presented. The artist seems like a next to God who is able to create a life out of non living miniature things available in nature.
- Very creative and makes me go back to childhood and weave stories from imagination.
- Spell bound. Eyes can’t fill. MARVELLOUS.
- It was nice but why the dolls do not have eyes? Skipping girl was the best.
- It is just superb; facts taken from life and transformed into dolls and then brought back to life.
- In a wonderful evening when my heart felt lonely, I was here in your exhibition. This made my heart bliss and happy. Please continue your art and make others happy always.
- It is wonderful. Let your art keep on going and let it be passed to everyone.
- It is the finest exhibition ever seen.
- God has created you to create this. It was an amazing experience seeing life and every movement in minute things expressing life. Thank you.
- Heartwarming creations. This dolls depict the self-sufficient society. The delicate dancing doll speaks and spells out humanity and warm emotions that we lack in the present generation, among our friends and relatives. Well and excellent are not the words to praise. May God give the creator more energy. The creator of the doll is very near or next to incarnation of God. As God created this beautiful world she created this beautiful dolls.
- Beautiful, cannot express words.  WAH!!!!!!!!!!
- You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me think about what I see. You are a great artist. Thank you.
- If beauty could be brought together in one piece, we’d call it ‘Dolls Speak’. At a glance, in a couple of minutes we went down our memory lane and lived our childhood again. GREAT WORKMANSHIP!!!!!

Ashraya and Fian at KLE Primary SchoolBelgaum; April 2005

- Fantastic, fabulous work that talks to us of a different world
- It’s really amazing. I think we came to know more about our Indian culture after seeing this.
- .It is a mirror of Indian culture.
- Dolls do speak….? Yes they do. They tell a story, rhyme a poem. It’s awesome, inspiring and enriching life. Let there be dolls that narrate love and romance.
- Quite wonderful and extraordinary achievement.
- I think, it is from the heart.
- Very realistic, true to life and painstakingly portrayed.
- This exhibition is very useful for future generations.
- Excellent. This may inspire us to become real India.
- Fantastic way to depict the sufferings of the people in villages. Fantastic idea.
- This is an ultimate work we have ever seen. It teaches us about Indian culture.
- Art is heart, heart is emotional feelings. Your art is very nice. There are no words in my dictionary. Your emotions are really put into it. It is a very graceful art. I wish the best in your future and for ever. God bless you.
- Really great art done with heart and soul. Inexpressible by a simple person like me. I feel that every child, every man, every human being should come across this great piece of art and learn your art and learn lots of things as a child does. I express my best of love and regards for all the people involved in this.
- It was very nice that a person from another country helps us to know about our experiences of life. By seeing this dolls I feel the real life style of our Indian culture come through. I am proud to be an Indian. Thank you.
- Extraordinary and outstanding work.
- Really the dolls spoke a thousand words and touched our hearts. Wonderful!
- From the message of these dolls we could certainly change life, and eradicate child labour.
- You are a messenger of God. The dolls that you have created are the images of the creation of God.
- This exhibition is heart touching. It is very wonderful. Thanks for informing the society about the condition of Indian women. Thank you very much.
- I really enjoyed seeing the dolls. I felt amazed and wonderful. DOLLS DO SPEAK many things.
- A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.
- It was simply an amazing experience to be amongst dolls who without lips spoke a lot and without any face expressed beyond description.
- Prevention is better than cure.
- It is artistic but is India really so poor and this much backward as it is shown? Our country has much more than what is shown here.
- A perfect insight into day-to-day Indian life, in all its hues, the culture, the charms and the sorrows. The detailing in miniature is astounding. Great experience!
- A very good way of expressing what life is. You have conveyed a social message. Excellent work.
- No words can describe the efforts put forth to create an exhibition of this sort, It is a show which very quickly highlights all aspects of Indian culture and tradition.
The dolls are made with great care and meticulously.
- It is a wonderful display of perfect art with a true message. An insight into the Indian culture with its day-to-day routine. The minute details are excellent. Congratulation.
- I am very happy and glad about your work of art. It should be transferred to the next generation. In my opinion, you should bring awareness about our own culture to the Indian people living in India. They still have not understood their own culture and the way the people live. May God give you a long life so that we can understand more about our country.
- Those dolls even without speaking anything are telling us a lot. For a moment I felt like I was in another world, a world full of reality and worth seeing.
- I am sure this will become a legend. The message is UNIVERSAL. I pray for every seeker.
- Unique. Touches one’s heart. A great collection worth seeing and spreading the thoughts to others. What we cannot speak is amply depicted by these talking dolls. A fantastic attempt and it really shows the commitment of the artist. Well done is not the only word of appreciation. It goes beyond everything.
- The speaking dolls which have been carved and prepared are self explanatory. Each and every piece looks to be realistic. It deserves for the Indian culture it depicts, for the effort and for the concentration involved to be called a unique art.
- Madam, you are a foreigner but your work of showing us he Indian culture is very amazing. I want to become like you.
- Hello Madam, this is really great to see how a foreigner is so much interested in our culture and nation INDIA. You have shown us both sides of the coin. These dolls really speak. They not only speak but they give a message to all of us. We really thank you Madame for arranging such a ‘Dolls Show’ which is unique in its nature. Thank you and all the best for your future.
- Really it is wonderful and I enjoyed it. But, I felt necessary the dolls to have eyes, a nose and ears put on them. This would be very effective and beautiful to see.
- These dolls without eyes and nose say something to me. They are like people in suffering and do not want to express it.
- The dolls look so real that anyone seeing them will feel them.
- There is enormous beauty in every doll.
- The dolls really speak. They speak about real ‘Bharat’.
- A tiny wonder world speaking truth.
- Art comes from the heart. It touches the heart of young and old with different colors of life. Wonderful piece of work.
- Really dolls speak. They are an eye opener. Your observation of Indian people and their living style and culture is great. Your hard work and creativity itself are movement. I wish all success in the coming years.
- The dolls are really speaking the ‘Walk of Life’.
- Two faces of villages: agony and joy.
- The dolls really speak. They depict the story of Indian Society from all angles. - 
- Learning never ends.
- The dolls really speak of the deep emotions of Francoise. The life of rural Indians are studied in depth by a Belgian. Incredible.
- The Indian culture truly depicted by a foreigner is remarkable. The dolls do speak.
- Excellent, superb, very impressive. The dolls really speak..
- Really the dolls speak. The way they communicate feelings is excellent. The art of sharing is beyond imagination. Please continue to exhibit these in some small towns.
- The attention she has paid to the details, the body language is marvelous.
- It’s real beauty, unique. It is appreciated by every Indian. No Indian gave a thought about it, but being a foreigner a great idea has been exhibited by you.- This exhibition really speaks volumes about the social evils and goods existing today. Such exhibits are not only ‘marvels’ of art but they do teach about different paths of life. It is very educational and an eye opener. This could be the start of an effort to make ‘tomorrow’ a better time. Thank you.
- Doll, even though without eyes and facial features depict intense feelings through their body language. Excellent work.

Darpana, Ahmedabad; November 2005

- Congratulations, I am so impressed with the exhibition. Every detail makes me feel as if I am talking with the dolls.
- Never ever seen such a thing before. Your dolls speak everything. Congratulations.
- I love your dolls. It touches our heart. I love your style of making them.
- I love your exhibition of dolls. It’s another art and I got some ideas for Art work.
- She’s got everything: skill, intelligence, emotion, genius. It’s unique and evocative.
It’s excellent work. It is meticulously done and full of creativity. All the emotions and aspects of human life are expressed fabulously.
- A fabulous work with an awesome in-depth detailing of the rural life.
- To be very appreciated. This I saw for the first time in my life.
-  With an amazing interest in human activities. A celebration of the working class! What an observation of human condition or the paraphernalia. I never realized that dolls could be so effective in expressing the plight and the poverty of the poor. Thank you Madam for bringing this amazing exhibition to this ‘dry’ city.
- It is an excellent piece of work and very adorable. Of course, it would be great if the exhibition goes to different states and regions of India.
- Simply wonderful. These dolls brought tears to our eyes. The agony, the humiliation and the heart-break of women in general have been presented in captivating forms of poetry. We pledge to make India the place where none suffers and women enjoy a place of pride. Kudos Bosteels.
- I had fever. My Daddy called me to see the dolls exhibition. After seeing the dolls I feel well and came out of fever.
-  Words fail me to appreciate what has been done single handed. It is simply excellent.
- Great depth and emotions are revealed in each dolls.
- All titles given to dolls are excellent. May God bless you in your rare endeavor and invigorate the human values fast fading.
- This is an excellent contribution to the world of Fine Arts.
- Being a social worker by profession, I have worked on the issue of oppression of women. Violence against women has been my area of work. You have sensitized many through your work. Your contribution towards ending violence is worth praise.
- Your display is really very good. It’s fabulous. Though each doll has no eyes, nose and mouth on the face, each doll says something which is really a fact of life. They need no facial expression.
- My little daughter could easily understand about the Indian village life, about different cultures and different human activities these little dolls speak of. Congratulation for your great and nice job and for this display.
- Very elaborate display of human activity in all its diversity. It seems the artist has widely traveled across India, particularly rural India.
- The dolls are amazing. The only thing I would like to say about them is ‘Action’ speaks louder than words.
- I have  never seen dolls speaking the pain and endurance of millions of people. This work is not only creative but is meaningful. The plight of people can be felt right through. God bless you and all of them.
- It is a Divine Display of Divine Dolls.
- It was an overwhelming experience to hear the dolls speak. The intricacy is unbelievable and the messages conveyed leave me all shaken.
-  What   an excellent way of depicting the realities of life in such an artistic manner. ‘A thing of Beauty is a Joy forever’.
- This experiential journey with you reminds me of my mother who shared her message to our little world. Great work.
- Art from the heart! Indeed your dolls have told their tale with challenge!
- Small dolls speaking lots and telling us never to despise anything small in life because a candle can do what the sun cannot: it shines at night.
- What better medium than simple dolls to send across a message that makes you stand up and look again.
- It’s ultimate. It has touched me to such an extent that the words are beyond my feelings to express. The minute things which are used are real and add life to static objects. It is an art which has touched my heart. So nothing to say.
- This few moments I spent in this hall will linger in my memory. The topics represented are touching the very core of our heart.
- You made an excellent history of the nation.
- Very beautiful work with a social message. The images remind me of the author herself.
- In these dolls there is a body and a soul too. We see life in them.
- The doll depicting ‘I am a widow, not a killer’ tells a lot of things. Each doll speaks something. It touches the heart. I feel so happy that I could find time to come here and see this excellent exhibition.
- The exhibition makes us women realize the hard work we do for family and husband.
- Great vision, beautiful language and great idea. Best luck for the future.
Passion, dedication and hard work combined makes fine arts. This is proved by seeing the dolls.
- This is the best social insight I have ever had in my life. I am giving 10/10 for this.
- Your creations are very unique and fabulous. We pray for your long life with good health.
- May God bring you  closer to your dream.
- A creative and new idea of bringing women’s issues into focus. Extraordinary talent and thoughts.
- Fantastic. All the world humankind found in one place.
- It was too too too too too too good and excellent. It’s amazing.
- Most beautiful exhibition. I appreciate your hard work and sincerity. Keep it up.
- I had a great time  and in meeting you also.
- Try to teach this art to small kids and bring them in your creative ways for their future.
-  Fabulous dolls with strong messages. Too  good. Hope the message gets across to as many as possible.
- The concept is amazing but inspite of all the blows in society related to females, there are certain true and bright points which may be brought out at some time.
- The whole concept of analyzing and portraying India through dolls is very unique. The best part is the attention to minute details.
- Hey! That is just an amazing experience. In fact, I am lacking words but I have never seen an in detailed work like this before. Awesome work!
-  An extraordinary exhibition. Memorable for life time. The honorable lady of Belgium understands or realized what the Indian culture is. But where are we Indians? Suggestions: She could include Vartha, the stories of thirty female puppets, or Vikram or Vetal: goldsmith, vegetable hawkers and other characters which are commonly found in India. Thank you.
- Wow! Its like a journey throughout India, conveying all the segments and professions. Wonderful.
- I am left speechless after seeing this splendid things.
- After looking at your dolls I felt like you haven’t made them but you bought them. I really wanted to take them.
- A fine combination of thought and craftsmanship.
- Capturing all moods of human being. This is her way of paying them a tribute.
- The creativity and art have touched our heart. Each puppet had a very deep significance for me. Brilliant.
- Excellent and beyond our imagination.
- Really inspiring and amazing to know the details of the history of this art.
- Looking at your work brought me a spirit of hope. There are people aware of injustice and wanting to make a difference. Your dolls really spoke to our soul.
- Very nicely made. It shows a journey towards perfection. It shows a journey towards self realization. Beautiful.
- Just excellent and fabulous. Fantastic job. This was the best art that I have ever seen. No words to express.
- The dolls are heart touching. The innermost consciousness awakens by seeing them. Keep it up.

Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara; November 2005

- Very touching. The dolls are so real as if wanting to communicate. Even the minute details are so breathtaking. I am simply awed.
- It is really very nice. You should keep these  dolls in a glass. I like to conserve them for us and care for them.
- It was a very nice experience because the dolls reflect the whole Indian tribal culture.
- The color combination is very good. The dolls truly remind me of the Indian rural life.
- The exhibition is fabulous and tells of how a foreigner imbibed the Indian culture. I am really happy to know Madam Francoise’ good work. Each and every little detail is taken care of keeping in mind the Indian values. This made the exhibition outstandingly ‘BEAUTIFUL’ as well as sensible.
- It is very nice but you should make a documentary film for children.
- This has been the memorable visit of my life. I have no words to explain.
- Efficiency and knowledge are the gifts of God. Seeing the dolls you could get more ideas in seeing more different types of cultures.
- The only title the exhibition can have is ‘FROZEN IN ACTION’.
- I am very pleased to see this exhibition. It remembers me as coming from my childhood to my younger age.
- As a gynecologist I am very close to women’s problems and you have done a wonderful job. My husband, an AIDs consultant shares my views. Your display of ‘evil within’ us is most striking.
- Being a social worker by profession, I have worked on issues of women oppression. Violence against women has been my area of work. You have sensitized many through your work. Your contribution towards ending violence is worth praise. ‘Sexual harassment’ could also be touched upon.
- Good good, very good but why only disaster. There can also be beauty.
- You have given a vision to see our country from a different angle. Keep working to bring a social change in India.
- Bitter truth but facts of life. The dolls are just perfect.
- The writings on the walls are really amazing.
- Beyond words. A spiritual journey.
- Dear, I am touched by your work. Not just the needle and thread but what has come from within. I am sure there are many layers beyond every piece of clothe.
- Mind blowing. Never seen emotions displayed so well in real. Can I learn this art from you. My 4 years old daughter enjoyed it too.
- Sensitivity towards ‘routine’ things in life is evident.
- Amazing. My day was spent just looking at your dolls. I shall spent all night dreaming of them.
- it’s ultimate. It has touched me to such an extent that the words are beyond my feelings to express.
- Though we are Indians, till today what we cannot express and understand regarding the life of the poor Indians, you have expressed so nicely through your craft.
- One person, so many expressions. You made my day.
- The few moments I spent in this hall will linger in my memory. The topics you touched, touch the very core of our heart.
- It is an excellent inspiration for the new generation of society, especially for our kids. They can learn about our culture and religion through your exhibition.
- There is nothing in this world that is useless. Everything God has created is good. No… God used you to bring this good world to the best. Congratulations.
- It is a universal truth that women ‘add beauty’ to this world. But what brutal reward to women! These speechless dolls speak about these.
- A new experience. Small world, small work, saying big things.

Sacred Heart Higher Secondary schoolPadanthalamoodu, TN, October 2006

- A lovely and different way of describing the various colors of life, colorful, enchanting and effective.
- A different way of describing the poverty, and different faces of life. I have enough to understand what we have to do.
- I understand that the caste system is a great evil in the civilization.
- I am very proud and happy to see the dolls. It’s amazing and trilling.
- There is a reflection and perfection in these dolls. There is a commitment and a mission.

YMCA, Tiruvananthapuram, October 2006.

- Fantastic, excellent and artistic work. The most important matter is that the maker tried to tell thoughtful stories through her work.
- Realistic images of life! It shows how so many people are deprived of their rights and basic things of life. It’s truly an amazing work in the form of dolls that instill our minds. Finance department Government service.
- Wonderful job and the poems say it all. Why your dolls have no eyes, nose and mouth?  
- We can see throughout a cross section of life.
- How do you know about the culture of India? Anyway it is fine.
- Very well done. Perhaps some more publicity would have helped.
- It is very interesting. All the exhibits are of people we have met along our paths, but were forgotten. A great work.
- The idea behind arranging such an exhibition is good and it also gives a glimpse of content of your book. But you should have given more publicity to this event so that every body gets a chance to enjoy such an exhibition.
- The dolls speak… a language that doesn’t need words….touching…
- She got a sharp eye to see, a mighty hand to reproduce, a fantastic vision to contribute and a mentality to complete it.
- Creativity at it’s best. Every piece is beyond words. It’s really fantastic.
- A man on the street and the colonial history depict the real picture most beautifully. Simply ‘wonderful’ is the only description I could give.

NBCLC, Bangalore, 2006-2007

- Creativity put at the service of awakening is mission.
- Congrats! It’s beautiful and marvelous. You have amazed me and it draws me to the world realities. It is a wonderful piece of art.
- The presentation with dolls is a new way of communication and evangelization.
- Best work I have never seen. You always have my help and support.
- Congratulations for the creativity and direct impact on practical life of people of different cultures.
- Very moving and touching. Better than any conference or study about feminist theology. This is feminist theology in images. Very powerful.
- Marvelous because of the beauty in dress, position and movement. Very creative.
- Your imagination, creativity and patience are extraordinary. Hats off.
- It’s inspiring. Your creativity and simplicity have inspired me to give attention to simple happenings in life. Congrats! Wonderful!
- God is great! It is wonderful to see his ways of calling persons to creativity. Francoise is an example. God bless her abundantly.
- Great! Nicely done! I was able to see how the dolls can speak. Wonderful media for evangelization in this digital world.
- It is better indeed to light a lamp than to curse the darkness. The awareness created through these dolls is great. It creates an impression which will go a long way.
- Your contemplation of the truth is visible through these dolls! They inspire   me…..God bless you and your work.
- Wonderful, Marvelous! Teach many people to create these dolls. Make them available for education.
- Your heart’s vision is a blessing to all who suffer…to all the poor ones and to all of us who forget to see them.
- Francoise, you have an extraordinary, creative brain. Please develop… These arts are very exciting to see. You are really very cleaver in spreading good news.

Exhibitions in Shillong and Guwahati, October 2007

- Interesting, educative, enriching and wonderful concept of bringing the realities before the world.
- A unique way of communication. Dolls do project reality. Real life is just as the still life of the dolls portrayed here.
- Exquisite reflection; a reminder. Thank you. Your dolls made me sublime.
- It was just too beautiful. Indeed a work of art worth remembering.
- For me the first time in life….Yeah. I had a great time and enjoyed the stories told by this friend.
- Amazing, incredible, fantastic. A real manifestation of one’s creativity and great imagination skills.
- The ability to convey such serious social themes like women empowerment, child labour, globalization, riots, communal violence etc is great. Though these are small models who can’t utter a word, they express a lot and touches the heart.
- The hardest challenge is to be yourself in this world where everyone is trying to make you “somebody else”. Life is just one big journey. If you get lost, don’t spend half of it trying to find your way back. Just keep on living! Will miss you Francoise. Do keep in touch and keep smiling.
- Life is a battle where you fight to live or die or lose; It is all about TO BE or NOT TO BE. You can’t just live your life being just another face in the crowd. You need to have your own identity. Being an artist myself, I have come across varied forms of communication and ways of expressing one’s ideas and emotions. . . . . Communicating through dolls is one of the most unique ways of art form that I have ever come across.

Gender-Justice and media conference, NBCLC Bangalore; February 2008

- Wonderful work. Full of passion and compassion.
- Patience and painstaking labour are in evidence here. Awe-inspiring!
- A very good learning experience which I will remember till the end of my days. It was something unique, something new, a new way to communicate and unite with the help of “Dolls”. A truly genius work.
- A trilling experience to ponder in quietness.
- Only you can see and feel how noble messages are there. Thank you.
- Extraordinary, not to express verbally; only to feel deep inside.
- Exciting and enlightening. I wish more people have come to see it, and of course the whole India could have seen it. Carry it on.
- The message expressed by speechless dolls tells universal stories. Extraordinary details.
- The peace and love that has gone missing from this world will be back some day…if we try harder…
- A heart touching experience that truly reflects our “Incredible India”.
- It’s something different and unique in its own way. Every doll carries some life in it and that’s great. The story behind each doll is the value of it. Wish you all the best and may God continue to bless and help viewers to catch the meaning of the EXHIBITION.
- Very very touching. Your accompanying explanation makes them heart-felt.  It is remarkable how much you are moved by the daily lives of people.
- Very nice to look at our own picture in reality. These are not dolls, these are we:
our daily routine, our daily life.

St Thomas College, Theme: Gospel stories, Trissur, 7-10 September 2008

- Average
- Super, super
- You have a creative mind. But the identity of Christ is not clear. Be it more specific.
- Wonderfully expressed the message of Jesus to the people of India. Thank you.
- The vision about society proves your excellency. God showers his blessing upon you to fulfill his aim.
- You have done a terrific job.
- A real strenuous work to propagate Christian message through biblical idols. Creative work.
- It is a great pleasure to see all these. Thank you very much for this visual feast.
- You are really evangelizing through art form. Congrats.
- When you do something in a right way, Jesus always supports you. Jesus will help you in all your good doings. A good work will never fail. You just go along with your work Francoise. Jesus will never turn his back on you. The exhibition is fabulous. You are showing your great heart.
- It is very interesting to see. You are doing a very good work to all people in the world.
- Big measurement with simple things.
-  Good anatomy, good preaching.

NBCLC, Theme: Forming a faith-filled community, Bangalore 6-25 October 2008

- The dolls speak! I am deeply touched by the dolls. Thank you for communicating to us through these dolls.
-  Amazing Art
- Dolls……If we look at them with contemplation, they will speak a lot. I am really touched and moved by the dolls. They are telling the realities of the world. It is our life’s story. I am reflecting on my role to respond to people’s cries.
-  Bravo pour ces scènes si touchantes de gens ordinaires! Ce n’est pas banal! Beaucoup d’émotion dans une simple beauté quotidienne. Merci.
- I feel, it is a privilege to see this exhibition. And this is not only beautiful but also it speaks a lot to me. It inspires me. Thank you so much.
- The views of Through the Needle’s Eye, touches the center of the heart and opens the inner ear.

Festival of Just Peace, Visthar, Bangalore; 1 May 2009

- Painful and necessary eye opener.
- Powerful and touching. Some verses of depictions brought tears to my eyes! Thank you.
- This was a wonderful experience, something I will carry with me as a reminder of the wonders of Love, Hope and Joy! Thank you
- An excellent expression of the empathy. Tears welled up in my eyes as I went through.

At Prashant, St Xavier’s school, Ahmedabad; 10-11 September 2009

- Lovely poems and a great way to tell the stories.
- The great creator has really created a wonderful person like you Francoise. For such great creative work, God bless you.
- These dolls truly speak a lot through their unspoken words. They show different aspects of society.
- Excellent way of expressing. The only thing missing here is life. Good work.
- Incredible detailing and powerful message. That dolls too can be a media is a new realization.
- Life in detailed dolls; superb, revealing, thought provoking.
- Beautiful creative work with effective touching messages.
- To me it is inspirational to meet someone who is so compassionate, giving and at the same time creative. In the modern day, everyone of my generation runs after money. People like Francoise and her exhibition of dolls give us a pause to recall the fact that perhaps we are sacrificing our lives searching for meaningless material possessions.
- Fabulous. Really educative.
- Awesome display of human sentiments.
- Hats off to ma’am for the patience, effort and art that she has depicted. We are truly awed.
- Divine experience that touches soul and energizes the vitality of our everyday ventures.
- The dolls evoke a world we normally don’t take note of.
- It touched and stirred the soul within and offered expression and delight.
- A very creative way to stir one’s emotions and thought and to bring to light the dilemma our mother land faces.
- The whole concept of dolls touched me so deeply and intently into my veins. Till now, doll simply means – a doll- little girls like to play with. But now, after seeing this scenario the whole thing is being changed. Dolls do have emotions. So do not play with their emotions. Keep up the creativity. JAI HO!
- Excellent! A unique and extremely convincing way of depicting emotions. All values and feelings are well expressed through the dolls. I am proud to have seen these and I would have felt sad to miss it. A wonderful experience! Keep the great work. I would love to see your future creations.
- I came here with my three year old son and both of us took back memories of beauty, creativity and truth, bitter but real. Thank you for sharing your world and ours with us.
- It is an eye opening experience. A beautiful and wonderful work. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity.
- The postures depict absolute body language.
- A miniature India in form of dolls by a NRI is limitless of words worthy of praise. Mam do keep up the good job of rekindling the spirit of Indianess in us through your dolls.
- It’s just wonderful. It’s not a dolls exhibition. It’s a divine thought put forth before us which we have forgotten in this materialistic and glamorous world. It reminds us of a human approach forgotten in simply talking about humanity.
- We being Indians have forgotten how India was and is. Thank you for reminding our culture. The details in the dolls and its accessories have fascinated me. I must say, every single pair of scissors shown, is different. This shows the minuteness in the observer’s and maker’s eyes. God bless everyone and make India a happier place to live.
- Congratulations for the creativity conveying the messages of what is happening in our country at large: ordinary people washing clothes, others working for a minimum wage. The struggles of women and social issues of all spheres of life are also shown.
- It’s something different, it’s beautifully neatly done. You are the best. Nobody can go up to this perfection. Keep it up.
- Each art item speaks volumes. It makes one so humble. There is so much one can do in this life.
- In this age of machine and tools, this is something which encourages human instincts to see what is hidden in him or her. Fantastic!
- Excellent! The fine work reflects the humane qualities of Francoise. Wish her all the best of health and peace.
- The detailing that has gone into making these dolls is unbelievable. The faceless dolls speak a thousand words to anyone keen to listen. Excellent work.
- The dolls capture a moment; but the gestures, postures capture their life. This exhibition has provided a manuscript which will keep alive the present India dying in the wake of modernism. Kudos to the effort!!
- Very interesting. I liked all the dolls very much. But the ‘florist on cycle’ is the best.
- A very inspiring way to awaken human soul. Let women, men, children not suffer either monetary or emotionally.
- Please keep such exhibitions on weekend so kids can come to see.
- Superb work! Very touching and very nice to know there are people who actually see other people’s pains put to the front of the world so beautifully.
- It was extra-ordinary. Never seen anything like this before. I’m lucky to see this lovely dolls.
- The exhibition describes the plight of ordinary people through dolls, which is the best way to speak out truth.
- Indeed an inspiring creation for all of us and our culture. We loved it and appreciate the dolls giving us lots of new creative ideas.
- Very expressive art. Never seen such a marvel before. I must bring my kids to see them.
- The dolls are very nice and after looking at them my mind cooled down. Thank you.
- Amazing work done. For me it was really an unusual exhibition. Thanks to Francoise for showing us such an amazing art form. It also helped me to understand some of the important social issues in India.
- These dolls are each symbols  showing people’s life and their difficulties. They all are facing difficulties. They teach us about the difficulties we all undergo.
- From all dolls that I came across in my lifetime, these were more than just dolls to play with. Each doll, though without ‘eyes’ or ‘mouth’ had so much to say. A real pleasure to be ‘here’!
- Such superb creations! They just made us to think on society!

Dharmodaya Seva Ashram, Bellary; 3-4 January 2010

- We learn so much about good things. Seeing this exhibition tells us not to hit each other and not to kill the nature.
- When I saw these dolls, I thought they are really nice. When I came to know about the stories behind the dolls, I was shocked. What is being told is really true.
- When I saw first these dolls, I wondered at the creativity of the maker. Next when I came to know the stories, I understood there are so many who suffer more than I do suffer.
- Through her dolls she has described a world many preachers could even imagine or think of. This is what Francoise has done through her hard work of many years. A novel concept and good way of presentation. I liked, appreciated and assimilated one and all.
- When I first saw the dolls, I understood very little. After I knew the story I understood the pain there is in the real world. I red some stories of the dolls. It really touched my heart. Exp Ravi, the boy who picks from the garbage bin. I enjoyed the stories and one thought came to my mind: Today sad enough, many people do not give importance to family. 

VISTHAR, Bangalore; 10 Dec 2010 to 1 Nov 2011

. The iconic dolls and their stories were an inspiration viewing them and hearing about them.
. Thank you for what you do. The dolls speak deeply and powerfully to me reminding me of the depth of humanity I have seen in India. US
. Thank you for witnessing the good news of social justice.
. Beautiful, awakening deep feelings. I was very much moved by the doll that was raped. Its amazing how much it tells.
. Amazing story telling. Fantastic resource.
. Dolls of a thousand stories.
. Thank you Francoise for sharing your wonderful creativity with us! The dolls are indeed divinely inspired and each one has a story that touches our hearts in uniquely personal ways. Very healing and transformative. Do continue with your good works. God bless. Dinesh Francis
. Inspiring beyond words. Your commitment to our country makes you and Indian even as you were thinking of India. The opportunities are endless Thank you.
. This is your way. It seems like an effortless way. It touches  the heart of many people. Thank you for finding your way to give a voice to the under privileged.
. Very good and useful for our social work in the villages.
. It really inspires me to make changes in society.
. Excellent art depicting God’s world and its reality. Thoughts are aroused to enable a change. May God bless the efforts that you have put in here at Visthar.

VISTHAR, Bangalore; Bhoomi Habba Festival; 5 May 2012

. The dolls speak their own stories.
. I am really touched by the display of the poems.
. Remarkable work. The art takes you to a different world all together! And most importantly, it makes you think!  Wonderful and brilliant work.
. So touched. I just want to give my thanks to the artist who enables people to ‘see’ beauty through her art.
. Really a great dolls work. It has touched the heart. Being a girl, I feel the emotions by seeing the dolls.
. Amazing work! So intricate and full of feelings.
. Great work. It’s the outcome of deep involvement with the poor.
. This dedication to details, and the sensitivity to portray people in different situations is phenomenal and wonderful! Thank you.
. It’s just awesome! You are just the expert! Keep it up. The ‘miner’ was my favorite, though all of them were my favorite! Congrats.
. Extremely   creative.

St. John's Medical College, History of Medicine Museum, Nov 2012

. The Speaking Dolls help to humanize humanity.
. The collection depicts humanity in an awesome way. Thank you for making us aware of the things we miss in our busy life. Wonderful work done. Surprised to hear it was made over 30 years. I appreciate her dedication!
. It was a beautiful way of portraying human life all around us. A life we see but don’t observe very touchingly.
.  Thank you a lot for showing us social injustice happening around us through
your dolls. It really opened my eyes. Please continue and make youngsters aware of all things happening in our society.
. I happened to meet Francoise by chance. Loved the dolls she showed me and I got ‘The Needle’s Eye’. She’s like the dolls she makes and she does look through the needles eye!! The empathy and pathos of the poems/words completely reflects in the dolls she creates. Awesome job! Glad to have met her. Please keep me updated on her exhibitions.
. Firstly, thank you so much for giving the great information about what is happened in the world. And it’s really touching and helpful for everyone. Thank you Francoise.
. Excellent work! Too good at hands, and an eye for the minutest details. So well proportionate! Too real and the dolls tell their own stories.
. Should have depicted more happy scenes. Display should have been with more light. Will you teach us making puppets?
. A very moving experience. The exquisite detailing of the dolls complements the thoughts associated with them marvelously.
. Truly incredible experience. The attention to details is something that makes this exhibition outstanding!
. To see and know the culture of India no needp to go anywgere. Yout art is enough to teach.
. Very creative way as a call to wake up to look at the dark side of life and inspiring us to do something in a little way.
. Its really wonderful, an expression of love towards the Creator through this amazing creativity.
. Extraordinary. Excellent and amazing. Fantastic dolls speaking of humanity and health.
. One of the finest depiction of human life and condition I have ever seen in the form or an art. Brilliant!
. Comment comprendre l’Inde après 10 jours de voyage dans le Nord? Un saut de puce vers Bangalore, un concentre de scenes, de couleurs et surtout une jolie maniere de comprendre ce qui se passé derriere les premieres maisons qui bordent les routes. Vivement une prochaine expo et une prochaine visite! Arnaud
. Thank you Francoise for opening our minds, touching our hearts and rekindling our spirits here at St John’s over the last 3 days. Your work over 38 years is inspiring and the stories of the dolls live on through the needle’s eye. Manjulika. 

Responses on the Exhibitions in Kleinmond and Durban, South Africa, April 2013.

. A seamless path and inspiration to the heart;
. These dolls touch my heart, mind and spirit. Their stories will stay with me. Your passion has touched and moved so many lives;
. I felt like I was re-living a part of my life that I have no conscious recollection of.  You are a prophet and give voice to amazing stories;
.Your work is remarkable and speaks a thousand words. The dolls really do come alive;
. What a deep meaningful combination of poetry and art. Your dolls are a telling story of the oppressed;
. Thanks for opening our hearts and for bringing to Kleimond South Africa the voice of your people to us. Thank you for a wonderful insight into the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters in India.
. A wonderful creative presentation of ideas, lives and experiences through the eyes of a sensitive person. Great your committed work, admirable in its creativity and the message it transmits. Hoping that this message will be heard and be understood;
. Your dolls represent people’s life in today’s generation. They are thought provoking and challenging. They question us on how to bring forward a country like India and ours -inspite of economic growth- through respecting local people and the environment. A lot is to be done;
. The dolls illustrate human problems which are universal.

St. Joseph's College of Arts and Science, 14 August, 2013

. The art gave me a wonderful message
. Pragmatic and extremely down to earth
. Great micro artist
. Subtle art conveys supreme values.
. Speechless! Sister, I am your biggest fan! Keep up the great work!
. True message from small dolls can change the world
. Really it gives a very wonderful message for our life and situations
. Beautiful way of bringing out the social problems we have become oblivious to. Also a great way to start discourses
. Away from the typified gender roles of Barbie dolls, these human, dark and haunting manuscripts of modern life leaves us with intense uneasiness about the gender roles in our society.
. We often forget how all art is to be enjoyed, poetry to be performed and dolls to be held. Your exhibition reminds me of these things.
. Yes, dolls do speak! Each one narrating a tale…of gender sensitivity, of women empowerment. The poetry harmoniously blends with the dolls. It is a very innovative way of bringing to life these ‘faceless, nameless, voiceless’ dolls! Their voices do echo in the silence.
. There was emotion, feeling and various other humanly attributes that are voiced out through the simple, crafty pieces of poetry and doll figurines. On the whole, it expresses the cry of humanity and effectively evokes the feeling of pity but one clearly knows that the figurines are asking for more than mere pity. So then may be it’s about time we stepped up
. Excellent….A true epiphany
. Good factual representation, but concepts need to be highlighted
. Innovative way of spreading awareness on social issues. Really appreciate the artistic way of expression
. You are an inspiration Ma’am and your work spoke to me in so many new ways about what I could do for women around me. Thank you so much.
. It’s really amazing to see the kind of observation that has gone into making such a wonderful presentation. It’s an insight into one’s own culture from a foreigner’s viewpoint. Thanks for all this.
. It was an amazing experience being a part of the exhibition. The dolls have spoken to me and I will do my best to support them!!
. Being part of it was very knowledgeable and wonderful experience. I will make sure that I will be the change I want to see from what the dolls have taught me.
. Thank you so much for the experience. It was great to be a part of this. The depiction really did make us think in a very different manner: more realistically. You do a great work.

SJPD, Visthar, September, 2013

. Pure beauty. Pain, joy, life, love. I could feel the stories come to life. So much struggle. Beautiful art.
. The more I learn about the dolls and their stories, the more I am astonished and impressed at their almost magical ability to connect me to the lived experiences of the people they represent. Can such small, simple things really be so full of life? Yes they can. Thank you essentially for the dolls of fathers tending children – They touched me today.

1.Shanthi Road, Bangalore, October, 2013

. To pack so many silent stories through such a creative presentation touched beyond words!
. Creativity and feelings are expressed through the dolls as well as extraordinary scenes and an amazing connect.
. All the dolls are beautiful and they really speak a lot. Though the dolls have no facial features, they are very lively. Really wonderful.
. Many of the vanishing cultures and present social conditions are very beautifully depicted through your wonderful creation of hand-made dolls. It speaks of your warmth.
. I wonder with wonder and really you have done a little critical job. I appreciate and wish you wholeheartedly.
. A brilliant display of are and social problems.
. Each doll speaks a story and a story untold. Thanks for opening up this world to all of us.
. Exquisite and immensely touching. I am spellbound. Have you thought of a dolls museum.
. Eye feasting, very inspiring and absorbing! Loved it.
. Moving. I love the dolls that make you ‘look’ and ‘see’ the world around you.
. Very moving and overwhelming.
. Truly remarkable. The dolls are so realistic. I loved the stories and the poems. Very emotional.
. May the message of Jesus continue to liberate the people of India! Remarkable and awesome.

Economics of Happiness, March 2014

. Beautiful blend of bringing hands and heart to social justice.
. Heartfelt gratitude for this magnificent ‘Labour of Love’. It is a glorious expression of the very Heart of India which is the spirit in our villages. This is the same glorious spirit that has inspired your work and shall also inspire us all to  heal the world.
. One of the most beautiful work of art I have seen in my entire life. No words written here would suffice. God bless you.
. Frozen, yet warm with the blood of stories – stories we do not see, stories waiting to be told, stories begging for your attention – These models, little dolls glow with an urgency we have forgotten.
. Very powerful and creative and very nuanced about Indian situation. Wonderful! 

St. John's Research Institute, Museum, April 2014

. Never seen such great things before. Wow! 
. Brings a lot of emotions to life. . The exhibition rocked! 
. Heart wrenching, touching and enlightening, amazing and wonderful. 
. God’s kindness and goodness is expressed through the work of a great artist whose work really shows the dedication to humanity. 
. This is an excellent and brilliant work. It was amazing, beautiful and heart warming. So many feelings are revealed through this art.
. The action and motion convey emotions in a familiar contexts more than eyes and face features can. This theme will stay with me!
. Each doll has a message and emotions to trigger our memories. Excellent work. Hope to see more dolls with more messages.
. Excellent piece of art and talented work which tells a story without writing.
. Very creative and beautiful. Very real stories beautifully told. Messages are conveyed silently without a word spoken.
. Wonderful concept. Fantastic work. Inspiring. I would love to contribute.
. I smiled all the way through the exhibition!
 . Really wonderful; an emotional walk through a woman’s life.
. Wonderful and fantastic and good to get away and diversion from ‘regular work’.
. Awesome work. This is my first doll exhibition with such meaningful concepts. It is mind blowing and hats off to people who had put so much of their time and effort to bring it into a successful event.
. Mind blowing stuff. An eye to details and perfection. My first experience….out of the world.
. Story telling has never been more creative and meaningful!
. Hard to believe these were made by human hands – very talented hands.

Cana, Singapore, May 2014 

. Really an amazing display and a testimony to the Divine presence amidst our daily lives.
. It is amazing how the dolls speak for those whose voices aren’t heard.
. Thank you for making the scriptures alive in the creation of beautiful dolls. 
. A truly provoking display of the Gospel message. I am enriched.
. Thank you for the beautiful work and for sharing with us how today’s social issues connect to the Salvation History. God is still very present among us!
.Thank you for the Spirit filled encounter with the real world.
. I am touched by your moving stories connecting with the people with whom you work.
. It’s very refreshing. It’s first time I see the gospel contextualized. 
. I am inspired by seeing your talent being used to touch others. I shall never forget the story of the child laborer repairing the car wheels of others so that they may go fast while his wheels to adulthood run faster by skipping his childhood.
. Thank you so much for sharing the life of what people lead and many are still leading in your country.
. You are wonderfully blessed with your intricate work of art so profoundly moving the hardest hearts and human spirits. 
. I am very moved and touched by the wonderful work of art, faith filled creations made with great love by gentle hands, bringing scenes of everyday life situations alive. Some are very sad and disturbing: the silent cries of the innocents, the afflicted and the disadvantaged. 
. Thank you for sharing through your gift of art the stories of humanity, which have allowed us the opportunity and encouragement to carry on with our anti-human trafficking law in Singapore. Let us pray for each other.
. Thank you for inspiring us. We are reminded of our love for our motherland India and inspired to make India a beautiful place. 
. The dolls indeed speak to us, giving us a lot of food for thought, especially in the context of today’s society: globalization and respect for all religions.
. Thank you for the messages and for being  the inspiration that we need 

National Bioethics Conference, at St. John's Medical Research Institute. Dec 2014.

. Amazing piece of art with compassion. 
you are truly a messenger of Mahatma Ghandi who was sensitive to the cause of the downtrodden and weak and those who offered to the world the riches of spirituality .
. Warm hugs to you too dearest Francoise! Words cannot express the meaning and impact that your dolls and their stories have had on the participants of this National Bioethics Conference.
Thank you for all the hard work and meticulousness that you put in for the sake of a larger cause. Warm regards, Manjulika
. I pray for your wonderful hands and consideration for the vulnerable.
. It’s my birthday today. Your work has made this birthday very special. Taking a walk through the corridor and watching the incredible strings of emotions and expressions was incredible. Thank you for such contribution through art.
. It was a splendid experience to visit this exhibition. We are extremely thankful to you for giving us an opportunity to feel the life of people around us. We are deeply touched by the different stories happening in and around our community. Indeed a great work.
. Your work is one of a unique kind. The stories behind each doll makes the doll coming to life. It’s a great awakening for us. And you are a great person to speak to and a pleasure meeting you.
. Wonderful work. Truly art at its best. And so well complemented by the poetry on display. I am delighted that I came and shall encourage my friends also to come for this.  Breathtaking level of intricacy and details. Wonderful effort and a fantastic teaching tool.
. This is a unique and most beautiful representation of Indian daily life that captures the diversity of India and the essence of Indian culture and traditions. A exquisite work. I loved it.
Thank you for the thoughts, concerns, empathy and compassion behind the creative expressions. I marveled at the beautiful yet meaningful expressions. For all the efforts, thank you. Very, very meaningful, very sensitive, a treat for the eyes, heart and soul. 
. Introspection is provoked
. I understood after seeing the exhibition that dolls can give a social message.
. A very well portrayed Indian community via a dolls exhibition. I hope people become more and more aware of gender equality all over India. 
. It is clear that a great effort has gone into the creation of these dolls as well as the writings that go with. The dolls exhibit a wide number of messages that signify the state of the nation. Hope that this raises the awareness of the viewer to make a difference.
. This is fantastic and amazing. This is life. Create art may be easy but showing reality through art is very difficult. Thanks for your art.
. A fantastic, creative, innovative, longstanding passion of Francoise that has enabled us to enjoy and be educated on the realities of life. Wonderful! Wow! Just too good! Well done! Congratulations Francoise, your work is so inspiring. Big God Bless!
.Soul stirring will stay with me.
. Beautiful, engaging and moving exhibition. The world needs such beautiful visual poetry. ‘The Speaking Dolls’ left us speechless.
. You have a way of getting stories and issues straight into the hearts of viewers. So relevant and thought provoking.

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