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54, Charles Campbell Road,
Cox Town, Bangalore - 560005
Karnataka, India.

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Anonymous said...

I hope this comment has found you & your work well! Your dolls are lovely~Such a beautiful gift that you give to the world!!! The issues & history you choose to highlight though your work is an inspiration & a reminder that there are many ways we can all contribute to the energy of "proclaiming the voices of the voiceless."

It was such a pleasure to meet and talk with you! Thank you for the directions for my day trip into town...that turned into a purposeful meeting!

Hope to see you again, my stay in India has been both fulfilling & eye-opening.

(I am thankful for the king Fisher bird that came to visit us as we sat & talked~"The Essence of Things...shines through the name of the thing.")

Please keep in touch: ~Best to you!
(404) 449-4912

Jasmine Simon