Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jacob Parappally MSFS - Indian Theological Association, Bangalore, India

Dear Francoise

Thank you for accepting our invitation to exhibit your gospel dolls/images at our Indian Theological Association meeting and seminar.

This is a word of appreciation of your presence and contribution to our reflections about church in India and her mission through the powerful words and messages of the GOSPEL IMAGES.
In fact the dolls did speak very powerfully to whoever visited the hall and saw the exhibition. Many felt that every image did embody a major concern of the gospel. Every doll/image does challenge and inspire the conscience of the viewer. It is a very powerful proclamation of the gospel. It is a new way of proclaiming the gospel since every image embodies a human concern which is also God’s concern as we see from the synoptic gospels.
We wish that you will take this images to as many groups as possible so that God will speak to more and more people through this well shaped tiny figures. We members of the executive of Indian Theological Association wish you well. Do continue in this way to invite all members of the human family, irrespective of religion, race, language or culture to work for a better human society.

With warm regards

~ Jacob Parappally MSFS 

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