Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Antony Kalliath cmi - Secretary of the Indian Theological Association, NBCLC, Bangalore, India

While being in the NBCLC during the previous three years you have been engaging in a creative evangelization through your ‘dolls’ which are the  icons and visuals of your God experience through the stories of the poor people of India. That’s why you used to get profound appreciation from the Church as well as the public whenever and wherever you conducted Doll exhibitions through the length and breadth of India. I have seen long features of your exhibitions in our renowned national News Papers like Hindu, Times of India, Deccan Herald, Deepika etc. No need of stating how much the participants of the different courses of the NBCLC are inspired and challenged by your classes and meditations with the help of your ‘mute’ but eloquent Dolls. The emotions, the intensity, flair and flow of the themes that are demonstrated touch the hearts and minds of the people and lead them to think and articulate their faith along with the sufferings of the people on the margins. The Biblical themes that are presented through your exquisite dolls become poignant and often embody silent prophetic critique; such exercises evoke radical changes in our consciousness, that will only be enduring and endearing in the long run.

You have to continue your ministry as long your health supports you. The NBCLC had been helpful to do your ministry. But the NBCLC space has had its innate limitations. Now you have to engage your ministry through some secular agencies or organizations like Visthar which are committed to social justice and liberation.  Then you get better exposure to work for the poor and the marginalized. 

Continue your work and whatever help you want me I am ready to render. I thank and appreciate your contribution in the recent conference of Indian Theological Association. Please continue to partake in it. It will give you more theological insights to your ministry. Let yours Dolls dole out the Gospel of Life especially to the less fortunate of our society.

With loving regards and wishing you God’s abundant graces

~Antony Kalliath cmi
Secretary of the Indian Theological Association, NBCLC, Bangalore - 560084. 2010

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