Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Samuel Rayan sj - Vidyajyoti Theology College, Delhi, India

Dear Francoise,

Your dolls are metaphors ; a symbolic language expressing and communicating some basic messages of the Gospel and some warm concern for the human person, especially for the poor. Your work is spirituality and theology in a new idiom. It is this insight into your work that persuaded me to write a foreword to your book ‘The Dolls Speak’, and to persuade EATWOT to invite you to the Philippines to come and exhibit your work.

I see the work of the Spirit in the history of your dolls:

You learned to make them at a time of sickness and suffering. Is there not in their birth and growth, a deeper design and a hidden purpose?
Is that not also suggested powerfully by the spontaneous response of EATWOT theologians, men and women from many parts of the world, who commissioned the publishing of the Dolls-pictures, accompanied with reflections, stories, prayers, which many of them promised to provide?
Is not the spiritual, theological, evangelical and human impact of the Dolls indicated by the response of the public to their exhibitions in Bangalore, Delhi, Bombay, Taiwan, Bolivia, by reports in the media, and invitations from schools, colleges and religious groups?

And what is the message of the fact that the first edition of the book has been sold out despite the high price of the volume and a second edition has become necessary?
Is not the universal appeal of your work a word from the Lord telling you to be ready for a world-wide apostolate if invitations come from far and near?

Your special charism and talent may be the sign of a special apostolic call which the rest of us are bond to recognize and respect.

Dear Francoise, I keep praying for you and your community that all of you - all of us - may discern the voice of the Spirit and follow Her lead courageously, joyfully, lovingly.   

~ Samuel Rayan sj
Vidyajyoti Theology College, Delhi; Feb 2006

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